Thursday, January 12, 2017

For the sake of the Puffle Fish. (Scavenger Hunt!)

So I haven't posted in a while. I realize that. I even said I would make a New Year's post. I didn't, obviously. But now I am, so whatever. What's kept me busy? That's what I'd like to know. I've been writing stories (first person to find my latest story on Wattpad gets a high five). ...I actually like that! If you find my latest story, you get a high five. Okay, I'll give you a hint. My account background has a picture of Ian and Anthony, and my profile picture is of my cat with the second Diary of a Wimpy Kid book on her back. First person to leave a comment on the story gets a high five. Aaaaaannnnd go!

Saturday, December 31, 2016

New Year's Eve!!

This is going to be the last post on the Puffle Fish for the rest of the year. I've just gotten so tired of the blog during this year, so I'll take an extended break until next year. So yeah. You'll just have to adjust. Find something else to waste your time with. Have a good year! See you then!

And of course I'm kidding. I'll literally make a post on January 1st, in case you didn't get the joke. Haha.

Saturday, October 15, 2016

Jealousy and Anxiety

Thursday was screwy. And here's why.

1. The most screwy part of Thursday: the mile run. I hate the mile run. I always have, ever since I started school. The mile run was something that I never wanted to be part of. I always came last, and this year was no exception. I came dead last. Even scrub finished before me, if you must know the facts. I really don't care if I come in last or not. I just want it to be over. So if you want to know my time, I'll tell you: 15:32. Yep, it took me over fifteen minutes to do the Yato-awful mile. But, I finished it. And that's the last time I have to do it. This year.
2. After lunch, I have Math, which isn't my favorite class, but at least it's better than P.E. Our school's dress code is really lame, like, we can't even wear bandanas. I broke that rule on Thursday though, because I'm such a rebel. Also, because I just ran the mile and it was the only thing other than a hat that kept my hair out of my face. None of the teachers even cared. I'm sure they weren't even aware that we're not allowed to wear them. So, I was on evil IXL, and across the room, I hear, "The The The!" being chanted. I turned to see a person who I don't like that much, who we'll call T, since I can't think of anything else at the moment. I said, "Yeah?" and they said, "Take your bandana off, it's against the rules! It makes you look like a gangster!"

Oh, we can't wear bandanas because it's makes us look like thugs. I was always curious about that, I thought. But then I asked myself,  "Why does T only care if I wear a bandana? I'm not the only one in the class room violating a dress code rule! And why should I take it off just because T told me to?" Then it hit me.
T didn't like me talking to the person that they liked (I think), A. T was jealous! I was amused, because T thought that I liked A too, which I don't, not over the level of friendship. And I'm not the type of person to get in the way of romance, mainly because I don't care about real life romance in the slightest. Only in shows or books. 
I ignored T because they can't make me take it off. T isn't me. I went to put my laptop away, and T followed me, just to remind me again to take my bandana off. And I said, "Why do you care?" And get this; T didn't even respond! That's all it took to shut them up! I was proud.
3. The class after Math is Japanese, so FandomsHuzzah and I went down to the classroom together. When we entered, we immediately noticed that the lights were turned off (for no reason, may I add.) Now, the Japanese classroom is in the basement of the school, and it has no windows, so it was extremely dark. I could feel the anxiety rise inside me, as locations like this tend to scare me, so I said, "Can we turn the lights on?" Our teacher, Ms. Y, was not in the classroom for some reason. But a student in the class who I'll call Irunya*, answered for her.
"No, keep them off!"
Another student in the class who we'll call Juli agreed with Irunya. I went over to turn the lights on anyway. They turned them off. This time, I said, "Can we please turn the lights on? I'm gonna get an anxiety attack if we don't!" They said no, but I turned them on anyway. I told Mootat of this stupidity, and joined my side. Mootat has anxiety too, but prefers darker places, so they said that we could have half on and half off. That was alright by me, as long as my side was the bright side. Irunya and Juli still wanted the lights all the way off, even though Mootat and I were fighting for them on for our anxiety disorders. Finally, Ms. Y came and turned the lights on, and that was that. Now, the next time Irunya and Juli need help from me, they won't get any, because of this incident.

* = Irunya always makes a big deal of how they're Ukrainian (I have nothing against that), so I looked up Ukraine's name from Hetalia for a placeholder name. I learned that she doesn't officially have one, according to Hetalia Archives, but Irunya was one of the possibilities, so I used that name.

Thursday, October 13, 2016



Wednesday, October 12, 2016


So I recently befriended a person at my school who we can call... Hmm... Oh! I'll call them AwesomeEm, because that's what this person goes by when we play Kahoot! in class. I always go by my given name, because I can't think of a clever rendition for it.
Let me tell you a story. Our school is doing this program or something where we make the building cleaner. My advisory was the first to sign up, so we have to clean the lunchroom for the rest of the week. I panicked. None of my close friends ate down there, and I did't want to eat alone, so who do I eat with? I figured that maybe AwesomeEm ate down there, so I asked if I could join them. They said sure, so we ate together. It was actually quite enjoyable! We had conversations that I hadn't had before because none of my other friends would put up with me, so eating in the lunchroom was really fun! AwesomeEm invited me to eat in the lunchroom again, and I said yeah, because of the previous day's pleasant experience. I asked if anyone else ate at AwesomeEm's table, and they said that there was. I was a little concerned, because I didn't want to be left out of any conversations. But no! We all included each other and I felt very welcomed! I am going to eat down there again today.
AwesomeEm likes to write about things that happen everyday (like me, except not with a blog) in the form of Haikus. I thought that was cool, because I am very familiar with Haiku from my Elementary School. I'm not very good a poetry, so I'm always impressed when people are. AwesomeEm's poetry is interesting, so I read them everyday to get a play-by-play of what happened. Since we are becoming closer friends, I am contributing my two-cents into each poem. I might put some of the less personal ones onto the blog, if you all don't mind. So yeah! Here is a picture that AwesomeEm and I made for a class assignment. It's a totally accurate Segway tour of the Philadelphia City Hall.

Sunday, October 9, 2016

May I vent?

Let me just start this off by saying that I have nothing wrong with people of Native American descent. Like, nothing at all. I'm about to delve into the topic of a person I hate being Native American and why they shouldn't make themself a victim because of it, but don't mince my words. I don't hate them because they're Native American: I hate them because this person is a jerk. I really don't want to come across as racist, but I feel like that's how this blog post will seem. I think that everyone is equal, and everyone has equal rights. I completely empathize with people who are discriminated because of their gender, race, religion, ethnicity, and so on. I don't favor one race more than another. I like to stay as neutral as possible. (Except I am very opinionated when it comes to politics, cough cough Trump is a horrible person cough cough.) But I've been wanting to make this blog post for a long time, and why not today.
Let's begin!
So I know this person. I hate this person very deeply. I want to seriously transfer schools because of my hatred for this person. And the thing is, this person wasn't always horrible. We used to be pretty close. But last year is when things went to shambles. To save time, let's call this person scrub. Yeah, that works for now. 
So last year, Scrub became incredibly annoying. I was able to look past that for the most part. But, when the annoyingness escalated, it brought in a new problem: a remodeling of Scrub's personality. Scrub went from being nice to BEING A TOTALLY HATEBLE PERSON WITH NO REDEEMING QUALITIES. Bullying. Crude humor. Suicide jokes. Being a complete jerk. And to top it off, Scrub wouldn't leave me alone. 
We had this crap-filled class for second hour that I liked to call "Cultural Regurgitation". You may think, "A class learning about different cultures? What's wrong with that? Are you that racist and close-minded that you don't care about learning about other cultures?" No. We didn't learn about different cultures at all in that class. We learned to sew. One project we had in that class was to sew something. So, I sewed something. But the teacher said it didn't count because I didn't do it in class. Boudreaux. 
That class was worse than gym for me. I hated that class so much. Good thing I had my friend Akiko in that class. We usually switched to a different table to get away from Scrub. But you know what would happen? They would follow us. Scrub and his equally horrible friend, Max. They would talk about horrible things and my mood would go horrible just by being in the vicinity. Then, of course, Scrub would throw scissors across the room, spiking my anxiety. I told Scrub to stop, duh, but did they? No.
I was relieved when I had a summer free from Scrub. But it didn't last long. Cause school rolled around, and now our advisories were side by side. Great. No where to run to. I often go my friends' advisory across the hall and chat before class starts, but you know who follows me every time? You guessed it!
The worst person I know personally! Scrub!
Yes! So when I escape the scrubs in my advisory to talk to my friends in the advisory across the hall, Scrub is there to keep the unnecessary company! How fun! 
Now I tell Scrub to go away every morning, do they? No. Never. They snivel and say, "But I wasn't even doing anything!" BS. You were telling someone to take cyanide pills. Why can't you just leave my friends and I alone? I hate you, after all! How about you go away? Forever? Like, can you move to another continent please? That would make me very happy.
Wow, I haven't even gotten to the Native American part yet. Let me do that.
So every once in while, this conversation happens.
Me, talking to my friends: Haru x Rin is extremely cute.
Scrub: Hey, you took my people's land.
Me: Um, excuse me?
Scrub: Yeah, you took my ancestors land. Jerk. I'm 1/16% Native American*, so you are standing on the ancient burial grounds of my ancestors.
Me: ...
And that's how it would end. I hadn't thought of any responses at the time, but now I have quite a few. 
Response 1: How do you know that I'm not Native American as well? I never told you otherwise, so how do you know about my family's ancestry?
Response 2: Um, My ancestors came to America way after land treaties were made. Like, my ancestors came after the colonists you're talking about.
Response 3: My ancestors never took your land. We moved in on land that was already taken. You think my bloodline took the land directly, and do you even think they wanted to take their land?
Response 4: My ancestors never wanted to take the land. Golden rule, son.
Response 5 (my favorite): So you say that you're 1/16% Native American. Meaning, you're not completely Native American. How do you know that YOUR OWN ANCESTORS DIDN'T TAKE THE LAND?! And you have the nerve to suspect that MY ancestors took your land? How about you research your own family before you think things about my people.
Response 6: So because you're 1/16% Native American, you can parade around like you're the golden child that did nothing wrong?
Response 7: Because I allegedly took your land, do you want me to give it back? I sure would, but as an individual, how do you expect me give you back all your land? Go to city hall and tell them the history that you're so confident of?
That's all the responses I have time for now. And once again, I have nothing against Native Americans. Heck, one of my closest friends is really Native American. So I didn't mean to offend anyone. I just wanted to write about this because it was such an ignorant thing for scrub to say.
I really hope Scrub reads this. They need it. That cheeky jerk. And if you make one more suicide joke this year, I'm switching schools. I really will. So if you really like me that much, how about you think about it? Also, look at this lovely picture I have on my computer, Scrub. Jealous? Are you as jealous as you were last year? Huh?

  Take that.
* = actual quote from Scrub.

Monday, September 26, 2016

I'm at school right now

I'm not sure what installment this is, but I'm at school again. And right now, we're in math class, and there's a sub. So, my friends and I are sitting against a wall, looking up senpai, while we're supposed to be on IXL, this horrible math website. I would put a picture of us, but, you know, privacy.